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We had already set the pace towards integrating digitalization in our everyday processes. Still, the pandemic that struck us lately is one of the primary reasons for a fast-paced digitalization acceptance. Businesses took to the internet and its platforms to keep afloat, and individuals discovered that the future was entirely digital, and sooner we got in line, the better. Those who missed this opportunity or remain ignorant are lost in the pages of the 2020 yearbook. It’s precisely why igotcoderz was formed.

Helping individuals get skilled in social distancing & lockdown rules and policies don’t create idles and procrastination. We help you make it to a billion-dollar industry for better opportunities at getting your life on track. With igotcoderz we make learning fun and detailed at the same time. Computer Science courses are a specialty, and we bring you a whole list of lessons to be an “I want this man onboard person” when “work from home policies” is lifted.

Get an insight into the top 4 most opted courses at igotcoderz.

Introduction To 3D Development

The introduction to the 3D development course by igotcoderz helps you get in line with the latest computer sciences industry trends. From design to the entertainment industry, everything has taken a swing at getting everything in 3D. Get yourself enrolled with us to be the skilled 3D designer you’ve always wished for, igotcoderz offers you the very best opportunity!

AP 3-D Art & Design

3D designs are a whole new area waiting to be explored; it’s more than just the cuboids we drew and made as kids. It’s sculpting, painting, architectural modeling, and a whole lot more than entices the observers and helps you display your skills and ideas creatively. Unleash the inner creative excellence with AP 3D Art and Design course by igotcoderz!

Unity Game Design

Board games, combat games, and an entire gaming world are now open for kids, adults, and all genders. It is the world of virtual role-play and gaming that is the present and future leisure for all. Unity is the largest online gaming platform, which is the course material and the case study for the igotcoderz Unity Game Design course.

We begin with the basics that have led Unity to create a super interactive UI and then proceed to 2D game development, further moving into 3D Game Development until you’re a proficient developer yourself. You’ll surely know the basics, including many tools and several concepts, but with igotcoderz we can take you deeper than just the surface.


Python programming takes you to head of times, with advanced data manipulation, it is an integral part of getting sophisticated results. Getting the very best of how things roll when you’ve gained experience in the Python syntax and move further until you are through with the basics and become an expert python programmer.

While this is just a pinch out of the mounds that we have to offer, you can essentially move higher in the hierarchy as you get a grip on the relevant skills in the digital world.

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