Do you offer private lessons?

If you’re interested in private lessons, please contact us at or (310) 507-9535

What happens if a students misses a class?

All our class sessions are recorded. Students can watch the videos and get caught up prior to their next class.

Is there money back guarantee

Yes, absolutely. If your child is not thrilled, please notify us within the first 4 sessions in our program and you will receive a full refund.

Can my school/organization sponsor classes?

Yes, absolutely! We love partnering with groups and schools. Please contact us.

What is your class size?

Igotcoderz class sizes are small. We typically have six students per class and will not allow more than seven. We have found that this is the optimal size for successful group work and individual attention.

Will my child receive a certificate?

At the end of each course, students are assigned a capstone project that incorporates all the skills learned during that course. Every student who successfully completes this capstone project receives a certificate of completion, recognizing the skills they’ve learned and the level of mastery they’ve achieved.

Can students take self-paced classes?

Yes, students can take classes that can be completed in any setting or environment. Students can establish schedules that allow them to spend as much time as they need to complete their lessons.

Can students living outside of the U.S enroll?

Yes, students living internationally can apply from different geographic locations. Students can access coursework 24 hours per day and complete their studies virtually while living in other countries. However, parents should ensure schools accept students from all locations, as some institutions may have geographic limitations.

I’ve registered for a course. How do I access it?

You will receive an email containing your login information one business day prior to the first day of the class.

How does scheduling work?

Students meet with their instructor at a recurring time each week (e.g. Mondays at 4pm). We offer rolling enrollment throughout the entire year, with classes available on weekdays and weekends.

How will I stay updated on my child’s progress?

A key aspect of our program is keeping parents informed on what happens in the classroom. Parents receive weekly progress reports that indicate what students have done that week and have links to their projects. Besides regular email updates on students’ progress, parents and teachers are welcome to audit a current class or review recorded sessions of completed classes.

Does my child get support outside of class time?

Yes! Students get 24/7 access to course materials and recorded sessions to review course content. They also receive live 1×1 teacher help during our office hours. All support is included in course fees.