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Unity Certified Associate Courseware

Showcase your job-ready Unity skills by earning an industry-recognized credential and start on a path to a career within the real-time 3D gaming ecosystem.

Learning Outcomes and Exam Objectives

Whether you want to get Unity Certified, or just want to learn to make games, we’ve got you covered! Unity Associate certification and courseware are for anyone who wants a structured, hands-on, self-study program for learning Unity and game development. With the courseware, you’ll build a working game from the ground up using the Zombie Toys assets provided and learn everything you need to be prepared to take the Unity Certified Associate exam.

With Unity Certified Associate Courseware, you can learn the Unity platform and game development fundamentals from the trenches by following the production of a working game from concept all the way through to publishing. Unity Certified Associate courseware gives you a structured, self-study program that includes everything you and your students need to succeed:

  • 20 chapters of video-rich learning content (199 videos, approximately 19 hours*)
  • All Zombie Toys game project exercise files and assets you or your students will need to follow along in Unity.

Focus on the essentials. Learn about the job roles and skills most essential to game production, and gain Unity experience that directly maps to preparation for the Unity Certified Associate Exam.

Build a working game. Develop an end-to-end understanding of game production with Unity by building Zombie Toys, a third-person, 3D, survival arcade game. Learn hands-on as you execute game development tasks along with the videos from importing assets, to scripting behavior, to building the game for publication.

Price : $ 99.00

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