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  • Math concept

    Explore math concepts like probability by manipulating an interactive Unity project. Access standards-aligned lesson plans, assets and projects for engaging students with unique teaching techniques. See how core Unity compatibilities and projects can provide a primer and enable key concepts.

  • Art and media

    Explore interactive digital storytelling using Unity. Tap into how digital story writers construct narrative for interactive mediums, like games, film animations, and unique interactive art projects. See how Unity interface elements are used, understand core logic, interaction physics, and workflow for turning video and photographs into digital assets for your 3D environment.

  • Science – physics

    Engage students by using the physics functionality in the Unity platform. Students modify a catapult through the parameters such as weight and angle to see motion trajectory, measure distance, and observe real physics behavior in action. This pathway includes flexible educator lesson plans, assessments, projects, and learner-facing tutorials.

  • Virtual reality (VR)

    Dive into creating virtual reality in your classroom, no experience required. Students learn how to develop a VR simulation and deploy it,  with or without coding. This learning path includes standards-aligned lesson plans, assessments, assets. and learner-facing tutorials.

  • Game design & development

    Set students on the path to becoming game developers with Unity, the leading platform for game developed used by professionals across the globe. Find everything you need to teach game design and development – from game design fundamentals, game narrative, and no-coding required game kits, al the way to game projects they code themselves.

  • Computer Science

    Create with Code is a standards-aligned full- course curriculum for teaching computer programming for Unity development. It includes everything educators need to successfully bring Unity to their classrooms. Students learn to program their own projects in C# coding language. Upon completion, students will be ready for the Unity Certified User: Programmer Exam.