About Us

Igotcoderz is an EdTech organization that is focused on spreading knowledge about Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM). We focus on Interactive design and development as a tool for students to explore industries in Video Game Development, Film, Animation & Cinematics, Automotive & Manufacturing, Architecture, Engineering & Construction. Our mission is not about coding, rather promoting Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Information literacy, Media literacy, and Technology literacy. 


Empower your team with Unity authorized workshops and courses.

Maximize learning with in-person and on-site training at your office. Set aside a distraction-free day to level-up skills for the whole team. Learning in a group setting can create a common experience that helps teams move forward with the same baseline of knowledge.








Success Stories

More creative iteration

Unity’s real-time platform gives unprecedented creative freedom over traditional rendering pipelines. By realizing your vision as fast as you can create it – instead of waiting hours or days for rendering – you remove all barriers to artistic experimentation.

Wider integration

Pipeline devs can work with Unity out of the box or create a real-time workflow custom-made for a project using the broadcast platform support available alongside extensive DCC compatibility and highly versatile scripting tools.

Faster production

With shared compositions, accelerated rendering, and plenty of options to automate the non-creative task in between, Unity makes it possible to deliver shots, scenes, or entire episodes in day instead of months.

Smarter decision making

No more discovering mistake too late – agonizing over another decision to fix an error in post. Unity equips creators with ability to see how your shots looks in the scene, right alongside the artist tools designed to easily make the tweaks you need.

Creation at scale

Meet the growing demand for content across platforms. With the ability to build, reuse, and easily iterate large volumes of assets in Unity, you can create an element once, then recreate or integrate it easily in all your related projects.

Smooth collaboration

Unity makes it possible for artist at every point of the pipeline to share the same project and see their changes immediately. Change once, see everywhere, and reduce errors and miscommunication.