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Who We Are

Igotcoderz is a Computer Science academy focused on spreading knowledge about Computer Science, Video Game Design and Development. We provide a marketplace for students to enroll in courses that will prepare them for high demanding careers such as Film, Animation & Cinematic, 2D/3D art, Artificial Intelligence, Python Programming, and many more.


What We Provide

Igotcoderz provides courses for Homeschoolers and Online schools that traditional brick and mortar schools do not offer. We have live and prerecorded instructional lessons supported by remote educators. Students and teachers connect online, for assignments, explore real-world issues, and take on projects in their own homes and communities. Our services also include eLearning Content Creation, Curricula and Instructional Design, Gamification, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and Flash-HTML Conversion


The Goal

Our mission is not about coding, rather promoting Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Information literacy, Media literacy, and Technology literacy.

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    It's not just about coding!

    Rather, introducing students to Computer Science through Video Game Design and Development.

    Grade 6-8
    Stencyl - Video Game Design & Development

    Students will learn:

    • Introduction to Stencyl
    • Design Mode
    • Behaviors
    • Game Physics
    • Scene Designer
    • Code Versatility
    • Image API
    • Debugging
    • Code Blocks
    • While Loop

    Grade 6-8
    Python Block - Based Coding

    Students will learn:

    • Introduction to Python Block-Based Coding
    • Variables, if conditions
    • For loop
    • Broadcasting
    • Artificial Intelligence concepts
    • Different types of loops
    • Co-Ordinates
    • Operators
    • Video Sensing
    • Creating List

    Grade 9-12
    Unity - Video Game Design and Development

    Students will learn:

    • Introduction to Unity
    • Game Objects and Assets
    • Projects and Assets
    • Assets for Implementation
    • Assembling the Game Level
    • Lighting in Games
    • Animating Game Objects
    • Animations into the Game
    • Scripting in Game Development
    • Navigation and Pathfinding

    Grade 9-12
    HTML - CSS
    • Installing Python
    • Data Types
    • Iterables
    • Loops
    • Conditional Statements
    • Project: Guessmatic
    • Object Oriented Python

    Python Level II
    • Tkinter
    • Turtle
    • PyGame
    • Project: CalculoPython
    • Introduction to Git
    • Repository management


    Our Educators

    Educators play an important role in building the careers of students, keeping that in mind we use Project Base Learning approach.

    Austin Onwudachi

    Austin Onwudachi is the CEO and founder of Igotcoderz. He is a Computer Science educator who has taught Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles and Video Game Design and Development.

    Lawrence Decamora

    Lawrence Decamora is a Computer Science educator who teaches Java and other open-source programming languages. He has twenty years experience teaching both at the high school and university level. Additionally he has worked with various industries as an Information Technology Consultant.

    Stencyl Developer
    Vitor Eduardo

    Vitor Eduardo is a Stencyl Video Game Design and Development educator. Known as “Luyren” in the Stencyl community he has over fifteen years experience using Stencyl since its closed Beta test in 2009.

    Kelechi Emenike

    Kelechi Emenike is a Computer Science educator who has experience teaching Python Programming. Kelechi demonstrates exceptional teaching and presentation skills.

    Nikhita Bilagi

    Nikhita Bilag is a Computer Science educator who is certified in Python, HTML and CSS programming languages. She is experienced at developing interactive lesson plans and helping students with specialized projects.